#OPENINPHL Part Two: 5 More ways to Support Creators & Small Businesses from Home

April 28, 2020

In late March, we shared different ways that Philadelphians could support artisans, makers, and small business owners from home. Along with helping these businesses remain open, these suggestions were also created to help everyday people find healthy ways to enjoy their time spent in quarantine.

A month later, we are still social distancing in the fight against COVID-19. So, we put together five more ways for people to support their local art and culture scene while making the best of their time at home:

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1. Stop the spread in style with a locally made mask

Masks are now required for all people entering public places here in Philly. Many local artisans have begun producing them to help meet the demand. Our favorites are these cloth masks made by local artisan Erin Olsovsky of Philly based Proper Goods in collaboration with Philly creative agency Rally. You can find even more locally made options on Etsy by searching for masks and filtering by shops based in Philadelphia.

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2. Become a coffee home brewmaster

Learning how to brew coffee at home is the perfect way to get your caffeine fix during quarantine, learn a new skill, and shop local. Win-win-win!  After doing some research on all the different ways to brew coffee, pick your favorite, and try it with some with beans from a local roaster. Many area coffee shops, such as Rival Bros Coffee, are selling bags of coffee beans online for delivery or curbside pickup. For home brewing tips and tricks, check out Reanimator Coffee’s Instagram or their guide in the Inquirer.

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3. Step Up Your Loungewear Game

If we’re going to be stuck at home, we might as well be comfortable. For locally sourced loungewear, try Wol Hide, a sustainable, easy-wear clothing company by Philadelphia designer Leah D’Ambrosio. To hop onto the tie-dye loungewear trend, check out Dye it Pepper, a Philly based company that sells comfy tie-dye pieces as well as “sacs” where customers can send in a bag of their white pieces for a colorful new dye job. You can also purchase one of their at-home dye kits for a fun DIY project with a good cause – 10% of the proceeds going to No Kid Hungry.

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4. Set yourself up for work from home success

With many people working from home into the summer, now is the time to upgrade to a true at-home workspace. For high-quality planners, notebooks, pens, and home office essentials browse online at Philly stationary store Omoi Zakka Shop. Adding little touches, like a locally made blanket or candle, can add warmth and comfort to a workspace and deter you from working in bed! Philly-based textile brand Flax and Symbol makes stylish pillows that can turn your WFH chair into your favorite seat in the house.

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5. Celebrate the special moments from afar

Send a loved one a locally made gift to recognize their special day. For the Tauruses and Geminis in your life, have a sweet treat from a local bakery delivered to them on their birthday. To celebrate moms, dads, and grads, gift a t-shirt from Leave Philly Alone. These t-shirts are perfect for showing Philly pride while helping a good cause – $10 from each shirt goes directly to the business of your choice. Pick the recipient’s favorite small business to ensure that it remains open for many years to come.

We hope this list gave you more ideas on how to shop locally while living your best life at home. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to hear more about local artisans and creatives and to share how you’re supporting your neighbors.