Interior Design Tips: 4 Simple Steps to Making Your Home Beautiful

April 14, 2023

Since 2012, Spruce Street Commons has set out on a mission to restore and preserve the historic properties in our community. Our Creative Director Liz Solms and Design and Restoration Manager Ali Hitchcoff have taken on many exciting design projects at The Annex and The Touraine. From completely renovating the gym at The Touraine to adding a unique outdoor office and patio for residents to enjoy—thoughtful design is our true passion. Whether you’re looking to furnish your new home or refresh your rental, here are 4 interior design tips to help you make your space feel warm, cozy, and inviting. 

The Touraine, No. 109

1. Determine Your Style & Aesthetic

Before looking for new furnishings, choose the style that best represents you. If you don’t know where to start, look at your closet. Do you tend to wear neutral colors or patterns? Do you prefer comfortable, loose-fitting clothing versus a tailored fit? Another great exercise to help you determine your style is brainstorming the keywords you want your space to embody: traditional, elegant, relaxing, inviting… the list goes on. Jot down the words and phrases you do and do not want to be associated with your space. Once you have an idea of your style, the rest is simple.

The Touraine, No. 103

2. Be Consistent With Styles

From contemporary to eclectic, mid-century, and boho chic, there are dozens of interior design styles to pull inspiration from. Whatever you choose, keep it consistent throughout each room in your home. Use similar colors, patterns, and textures as you redesign your space. We also suggest purchasing a set of chairs, side tables, or light fixtures to use in various rooms. Keeping your style consistent throughout your home creates a seamless experience and evokes a sense of clarity as you walk from one room to the next.

The Touraine, No. 107

3. Create Intentional Spaces

The key to creating a thoughtfully designed space is establishing zones for different activities. Let’s take, for example, your living room. You can create multiple zones for work, play, relaxation, and entertainment simply by reconfiguring the furniture and adding minimal decor pieces. If you’re looking for a space to unwind and relax, consider a reading nook with a bookshelf, plants, and a large comfy seat with pillows and a throw. Create a workspace that boosts productivity by placing a large desk or table in a light-filled area with organization bins, a calendar, and motivational sticky notes to keep you going. When you create intentional spaces in your home, it helps you create balance.

Ali and Liz give us a great example of intentional spaces in The Touraine travel apartments. One of our favorites, No.107 features an oversized couch and accent chairs that are great for entertaining guests or watching television. The apartment also features a designated workspace in the bedroom perfect for Zoom calls or focus time.

The Touraine, No. 109

4. Don’t be Afraid of Color

When it comes to interior design, people tend to refrain from using colors, especially multiple colors. Infusing color throughout your space is a great way to add character and charm to your home. We suggest starting small, with decorative pieces such as curtains, rugs, accent chairs, and art. Fresh flowers and plants are easy ways to incorporate color without committing to a significant decision such as wallpaper or painting an entire room. If your aesthetic is more fun, playful, and bright, reflect that in your space by furnishing with bold statement pieces such as a pink couch or blue dining chairs. Get inspiration from one of our travel apartments and check out how our Design & Restoration Manager Ali Hitchcoff ran wild with the color palette on No. 109 at The Touraine

Need help figuring out where to start with color? Learn about the basics of color theory and which colors work best with each other.

The Touraine, No. 108

Interior design doesn’t have to be complicated. Take a look at some of the work we’ve done lately with our fully-furnished apartments on Instagram @sprucestreetcommons. Show us what you’re working on and tag us for a chance to be featured on our page.