Creating Summer Vibes while Staying Safe

July 24, 2020

We can’t deny that this summer is definitively different than summers past. Vacations postponed, kids home since March, and classic summer activities, such as concerts and camps…all canceled.  

BUT we wanted to share a few small ideas for your homes and lives to (somehow) recreate the summertime vibes we’re all dreaming of. So put together a list of a few creative ways to add some summer feelings to the place you call home:

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  1. Let There Be Light

There’s nothing like that summer sun. But, as people continue to social distance and work from home, many are not getting their daily dose of Vitamin D. One way to improve this situation is by enacting simple decor changes. Swapping out bulky, dark curtains for a lightweight, transparent alternative can help bring the summer sun into your living space.

No matter how much natural light you have, you should still experience the sun’s rays outside. If you are still working from home, utilize the time you would typically spend on your commute to take a walk around your neighborhood. This allows you to enjoy the early morning sun while the sidewalks are significantly less congested than after work hours. If your schedule allows, you can even sneak in some sunny walks during breaks in your workday or while taking conference calls.

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  1. Plan a Picnic

Philly’s beautiful parks are a great place to enjoy a classic summer picnic while safely social distancing. You can even incorporate familiar fruits and veggies of the season by stopping at a  farmers market and packing your picnic basket with locally grown, seasonal produce.

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Photo by @iamkaraelaine

If your local park is too crowded, have a living room picnic instead! Open your windows, spread your blanket, and break out the basket in the comfort of your home. While this may feel strange at first, the act of sitting on the ground and sharing a meal can bring back some summertime feels.

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  1. Add a pop of color

Spruce up your apartment with some brighter shades. Simple decor updates, such as swapping out a pillow, bedspread, or rug for a colorful alternative can change the whole mood of your living space. If you’re happy with all your textiles, consider adding a colorful piece of art.

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For the color-averse, try adding some pops of blue. With its nautical connotations, blue is a safer way to add some coastal-inspired colors to your space. Remember, we are spending more time at home this year than ever before. Even if you don’t usually change your decor with the seasons, now is the perfect time to start and see how small decor changes can make a big difference in how you feel about your home.

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  1. Get your nature on

You don’t have to have a green thumb or outdoorsy streak to connect with summer through nature! Simply stopping by your local florist and picking up a seasonal bouquet, such as the one above by Walter Pine Studio, is a great way to enjoy summer nature! Adding some low effort plants to your space can also increase the flow of oxygen and lighten your mood.

Hiking is another way to enjoy the greenery of the summer months. There are numerous trails and pathways in Philadelphia that are low-impact and easy for all skill levels. The Trolley Trail in West Fairmount Park is a great place to spend a safe, summer afternoon with friends.

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  1. Create a State of Relaxation

A big part of summer vacations is the opportunity to take a break from the daily grind and finally relax. If your vacation plans have been postponed or canceled, you can still prioritize rest and rejuvenation by creating a “comfort corner” at home. This is a designated space for leisure and relaxation – no working from your laptop or binge-watching allowed!

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When creating your comfort corner, try to pick an area of your home with lots of natural light. Decorate the area with some comfy pillows and blankets – even a beanbag chair. If possible, incorporate decor with bright summer colors and add some seasonal flowers to set the mood. While this won’t replace laying out by the beach, having a designated area to read your summer beach book, take a nap, or simply do nothing is a great way to ensure you experience the rest and rejuvenation of a typical summer escape.